Left to Right: Ravindra Patel, Sandeep Patel and Dhrumin Patel

Founders, NEPRA

- Mr Sandeep Patel

- Mr Dhrumin Patel

- Mr Ravindra Patel

Mr Sandeep Patel, the founder of NEPRA, is a social entrepreneur who has over a decade of experience in the waste management and recycling sector. He realised that the Indian Dry Waste management Sector was complex with several stakeholders, a large share being that of the informal sector. Understanding the needs of the sector he developed an inclusive business model which helped bring all the stakeholders onto one platform. Maintaining the core focus on People, Process and Infrastructure, he aligned the organisation to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the United Nations, COP26 targets and various mandates around waste management which gave a strong push to NEPRAs business model.

  • One of India’s leading waste management company
  • With five state-of-the-art material recovery facility

Nepra Resource Management Private Limited (NRMPL)

Nepra Resource Management Private Limited is India’s leading waste management company that aims to solve several social and environmental challenges. Founded in 2006, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, it is operating PAN India with 5 Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and an operating capacity of 560 Metric Tonnes Per Day (MTPD). NEPRA strives toward achieving its motto of “Zero Waste to Landfill” and “Closing the Loop”, creating a circular economy. NEPRA’s model is inclusive and creates a socio-economic and environmental impact. NEPRA is helping communities and organisations become sustainable, efficient and organised by implementing strategic environmental solutions.


Nepra Environmental Solutions Private Limited (NESPL)

NEPRA, as a PRO, has been an active stakeholder of PWM Rules since its notification in 2016. We pioneered the EPR platform through the start of our first project in 2017 for one of the biggest brands followed with extension of our services of plastic waste collection and sustainable end of life disposal PAN India in sync with various stakeholders including several ULBs, Producers, Importer and Brand Owners (PIBOs), small aggregators, recyclers and cement plants, start-ups, NGOs and most importantly the Bottom of Economic Pyramid (BOEPs)/Waste Pickers. At present, we are associated with 150+ PIBOs, handholding them to execute their EPR liability PAN India.

Nepra Foundation

Nepra Foundation

NEPRA is committed to the communities in which it operates. This has led to the creation of NEPRA Foundation to support the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid (BoEP) sections of society, and drive positive socio-economic and environmental impact through diverse community engagement initiatives and waste management activities.

Recycle Rewards

Recycle Rewards

Recycle Rewards is a tech & data centric approach to waste management. Recycle Rewards makes waste management easy and convenient. As the name suggests, it “Rewards” for “Recycling” incentivising people to segregate and manage waste right. As easy as it is to book a cab today, the Recycle rewards platform makes it easy to book “waste pick-up”. The team on accepting the booking reaches the location and lifts the waste. Maintaining transparency by measuring waste, clicking photos and maintaining all the records on the app, Recycle Rewards has built trust with its users.

EPR Tradex

EPR under Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2022:
"Responsibility of a producer for the environmentally sound management of the product until the end of its life."
EPR Compliance: As per the PWM Rules, 2016 and as amended in 2022, a PIBO (Producer, Importer, Brand Owner) has to collect back and sustainably dispose equivalent amount of plastic packaging waste that gets generated due to sales of its products.
EPR Tradex is market place of “EPR Connect” platform which allows PIBOs, Plastic processors, Waste Management Agencies etc to procure and sell verified EPR credits in a more transparent way.
Who should use EPR Connect:
PIBOs,who wants to buy EPR credits for fulfillment of EPR obligations
WPFs,who want to sell EPR credits
WMAs/NGOs/ULBs,who want to buy or sell EPR Credits for their clients.

EPR Tradex